About The Alexander Project

Call us crazy, but this is our dream house.  Built in 1928, this Tudor Revival style house caught our eyes and won our hearts. She’s a beauty with great bones but in need of a makeover. So here we are. We are self-taught DIY’ers and have put some level of handiwork into every house we’ve owned. Books and the internet have been our teachers and this blog is our way of passing on what we’ve learned. We hope you will find tips, tricks, products and inspiration for your own projects. Ours is a sensible restoration rather than a historically accurate one. We are making sensible improvements when appropriate, while bringing back the original beauty of the house.

For any of our readers wanting to take on their own restoration project, a few words of advice. First, respect the character of the house. Do your research on style, decor, methods, products, etc. Be flexible, patient and unafraid of detours. You won’t always be in control of what you get to work on, the house will tell you what needs to be fixed next. Remember, they don’t make them like they used to, which can be good and bad all in the same breath. Last but so important, be willing to live in a constant state of demolition and construction, such as when the foyer closet contents fill the dining room for five months while you restore the foyer woodwork, floors and walls.

We appreciate you taking this journey with us and sharing the trials and triumphs of The Alexander Project.


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